A. Summary judgment the professional of a company in environment protection ?

1.Filter equipment  2.Dustlessness room  3.Dust collector  4.Powder coating / Fluidize coating / Electro static coating  5.Oil mist separation  6.Industrial Ventilation field

A long-term management air purification industry and an excellent company should simultaneously have these technologies, this also provides the consumer to do for the appraisal related company whether to have a specialized ability confirmation. Is unable simultaneously to have many technologies, namely will suffer the huge test in practice technology stratification plane's processing with the difficult position which will be unable to approve.

Under the team of Air-renew Dust collector company for many year research 、development and the experience accumulation, the coordinate innate air blower factory and the ITRI of taiwan, take company's foundation by the technical guidance. In pain Asian area primarily various countries, many year practices, the accumulation experiences again and again, Air-renew company is in the field technology front. The product outstanding performance, the handicraft sense of reality with draw close to owner's economical price. For Air-renew company prosper the goal which sets up in the short-term plan run business standard.


B. In the air purification domain, the classified basis which the consumer and the owner refer


C. Service planning and starting points

Various industrial naturaly is different, starting point not completely the same.

Air-renew Dust collector company are environmental protection project specialized factory and technical contract factory.
Various industrial scale and the need are different, demand service not completely the same. Serves based on various industrial technology ability with Air-renew company takes the coordinated and the plan reference. Draws according to this, we divides into five work points, the circulation and the feedback cooperation concept.